Digital Assemblage

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Computer-Generated Sculpture

Mallary created one of the world's first digitally modeled sculptures, Quad 1, which was shown at the Cybernetic Serendity exhibit in London in 1968. Quad 3 was first exhibited at the Whitney Museum in 1968, and is now on display in the collection of the Tate Modern Museum.

Quad 2

Quad 1


Computer sculpture created by Robert Mallary with TRAN2 computer program. Plywood, laminated veneer.
1968. 72” high.

Quad 3

Exhibited at the Whitney Museum in 1968. Sold to
the Tate Modern Museum
by the Mayor Gallery
in 2019. 75” high.

sculpture exhibited at the Cybernetic Serendipity Conference in London,
1968. Constructed with layered 
plastic disks. 
32.5” high.

Vector Drawings

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